Bennett Property Management is now PURE Property Management of Arizona

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Rental Criteria

  1. RENTAL HISTORY: 2 years verifiable (non-family) history is required*. No more than two (2) late payments or one (1) NSF payment within the last year from any rental reference will be accepted and all fees must be paid in full. Proper notice (typically 30-day) to vacate must have been given to previous landlord. Previous security deposit not returned (if applicable), current open evictions and/or legal (Non-Compliance) notices served are cause for denial. Previous evictions or open rental collection accounts are automatic grounds for denial and may require additional documentation, proof of payment and/or additional security deposits.
  2. INCOME: Must have verifiable income (gross) equal to at least three (3) times the monthly rent amount.
  3. Legal Presence: Applicant must be able to prove legal presence in the United States and provide a current, valid photo ID.
  4. CREDIT CHECK: Bennett Property Mgmt will be analyzing the credit report you share with us. We do not count discharged bankruptcies, medical bills, or paid collection/judgments against you. Unpaid collection accounts / judgments from utility companies or previous landlords are grounds for automatic denial of application (tenant will be given opportunity to correct).
  5. CRIMINAL CHECK: PURE Property Management of Arizona will run a criminal background check to verify application information. Applicant or household members criminal background or reasonable likelihood that the applicant or those acting under his/her control will interfere with the health, safety, security, or right of peaceful enjoyment of the resident community is grounds for automatic denial of application. *Co-signers may be considered for lack of rental history