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System - Friday, October 4, 2019
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Preparing your Phoenix home for the rental market, whether it’s an investment or a home you’re currently living in, comes with a lot of work and details. Timing has a lot to do with how you schedule the work and the cleaning that needs to be done, and you’ll also have to expect that there will be a few weeks of marketing, showings, and leasing before you begin collecting any rental income.

Making Repairs to Your Phoenix Rental Home

If you’ve been living in the property yourself, that sticky closet door or the chipped paint in the bathroom probably seemed like no big deal. But, when you rent your home out to tenants, they’re going to expect that everything is functional, safe, and habitable. So, your first step in preparing the property for the rental market is making sure everything works. Before you begin, set a budget so you’ll know what you can expect to spend.

Make a list of everything that needs to be repaired or replaced. Check every outlet to make sure the electricity is working. Look for leaks under sinks. Flush every toilet and turn on every faucet. Test the appliances and make sure they’re not worn or wasting energy. Look at the condition of your paint, your flooring, your windows, and your ceilings. Make sure all the doors and windows lock. Check for safety issues as well. If there’s a wobbly handrail on the stairs or a smoke detector that doesn’t have batteries, you’ll need to take care of these things.

Cosmetic fixes are also important. Don’t touch up the paint here and there; paint the whole wall. It looks cleaner, more uniform, and more attractive to potential tenants. If the drawer pulls are rusting or the bathroom lighting looks dingy, replace those things. Replacing old carpet with wood plank or vinyl plank can give the place a new look entirely. It doesn’t have to be an expensive fix, but it will make a difference.

Cleaning Out the Property for Phoenix Tenants

Don’t leave anything in the property. It should be completely empty and vacant before you list it on the rental market. Some Phoenix landlords prefer to leave things behind, thinking the tenants might need them. That’s a nice intention, but don’t be surprised if those items leave when the tenants leave. There’s also some liability involved. If you leave a lawn mower in the yard, for example, and a tenant’s child starts to play with it on the day they’re moving in, that’s a huge risk. Move everything out, especially your personal belongings.

A thorough, professional cleaning is also important. You want to show your tenants how you expect to have the property returned at the end of the lease. Make sure everything is exceptionally clean.

Working with Reliable Vendors

When it’s time to schedule the work, we recommend that you use licensed and insured vendors, especially for bigger projects. At Bennett Property Management, our vendors are professional and qualified. If there is a problem with a job, we can go back to them and have them make it right. These vendors also get jobs done in a timely manner. Every day that your property is vacant is a day of lost income. Friends and family may have their hearts in the right place by wanting to help you get these jobs done, but it may take too long to get the property ready. When the work is done and someone can be given the keys, you know your home is rent ready.

Working with a Professional Property ManagerA professional Phoenix property management company can be a great resource when you’re preparing your property for the rental market. Your property managers can make recommendations on updates and upgrades and put you in touch with the vendors you need to get the home ready. We’d be happy to help. Contact us at Bennett Property Management.